The Radical Listener: Workshop w/ Lawrence English | $30

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The Radical Listener: Workshop w/ Lawrence English | $30
vendredi, 24 août 2018 15h45
MUTEK @ Monument-National, Montréal,
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  • Prix du billet: CAD $27.29
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  • Où: MUTEK @ Monument-National 1182 Boul St-Laurent Montréal, H2X2S5
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The Radical Listener: Workshop
Lawrence English invites a small group of participants to undertake a more detailed examination of field recording and participate in a field trip with him. The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours and includes an examination of technical and aesthetic considerations when approaching field recordings. It also examines the role of listening in how field recordings are constructed, executed and ultimately shared with others.
+For the workshop, please bring a pair of headphones, also a recording device of any kind: phones, cassette recorders, digital recordings, all are welcome.